Lost a brother, a friend, and a guide

I met Puneet while I was starting my first job off college in 2012, and the hyper-local news portal I started working at was co-founded by him. He was the technical brain behind the portal created on WordPress. And, I was just starting to learn. Puneet left the position, and pursued his passion. He later…More

Avengers Experience Station, Mumbai 2019

Wandering in the Phoenix Mall in Mumbai we stumbled upon the posters of the Avengers Experience exhibit. Well, next we were standing at the location trying to figure out if it was worth our time, as frankly I did not assume it to be that good. I’ve pushed my wife into Marvel Universe in the…More

Know what? Dell monitors are unrepairable

TL;DR: If you buy a Dell monitor and somehow end up with a physical damage to any one of its component, you cannot get it repaired. Dell does not provide paid repairs, warranty or spare parts to do the repairs. The only option, if your monitor must be repaired is to get a new one.…More

The Journey Begins / Goodbye 2018

This blog is a result of a long time itch to create and maintain a blog to write stuff, just about anything and everything that I want to share, have experienced or have an opinion about. I was going for the domain name with the keyword – curious, but it was taken and randomly felt like…More

80. Again.

Last year, in 2017, after celebrating my birthday, I had a sudden epiphany. I’m fat. I had been overweight for past 10 – 12 years and that was not for any medical condition, but because I had always been a laid back, eating everything, chilled out guy who wanted 16-pack abs but never did anything for…More

Business Takeaways from WordCamp Udaipur 2017

We met a lot of amazing people who are doing phenomenal in their respective niche which includes development, sales, business development, customer support and so forth in the WordPress ecosystem. Everyone of the attendee was an absolute delight to meet. Whilst the interaction with many professional in the camp, I’m compiling the list of major takeaways that I can recall.More