Migrating Comments in WordPress with Disqus

Migration is a pain. Don’t believe me? Ask any developer who’ve migrated an above average quantity of content from one WordPress install to another. You lose pieces here and there (at times) and when the post type and taxonomies needs shuffling, it’s another ball game. Recently I had a task to migrate content from a…More

Gzip, HTTP compression and the holy details

As far as I remember I’m using Gzip compression in all the websites we build; it’s sort of a no-brainer. You build a website, you use Gzip, you be happy. But few days back, I decided to know more about Gzip just than the fact that it is used for HTTP compression; hence I browsed…More

WIRT #281016: Why How and What – Node.js

Now, being a WordPress developer, little do I have to worry about Node.js (just kidding!). Still, Node.js have been mentioned quite few times in-front of me and am accepting this publicly – I don’t have a slightest of the clue of how it can be used or its proper use cases.

Hence, that sparkled my day’s browsing journey and following is what I found on Node.js contextMore